Our Purpose

Beautiful. Elegant. Sophisticated.

Redefining elegance, sophistication and intricacy, by showcasing the sublime beauty of traditional Islamic art forms from across the  Middle East & Asia.


The Birth of Miraj Collections

Travelling across the ancient Islamic world, from Andalusian-Spain to the Far East, we experienced its beautiful and rich artistic traditions. A history that left such a legacy that it shaped the development of mathematics, art, and architecture across the world.

We were inspired by the mesmerising geometric designs which rendered a unique sense of beauty. We wanted to share this timeless tradition in a modern context. This was the birth of Miraj Collections. ‘Miraj’ in Arabic means “Ascension”, which embodies our approach to design – we aspire to ascend the typical and minimalistic designs of fashion offerings available today. To redefine elegance.

Abdullah & Harun


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